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About Us

Welcome to Sensation Films

We are a media company based in Bangalore, India. We are not in the business of being creative but using our creativity to work toward the client goals.We believe in result driven video production combining creativity with expert video insights and audio psychology the make video engage,inspire and compell people to act. We are more driven by cultural stimuli- colors, art, adventure, fun, chaos, little smiles, a splash of childlike curiosity, and a glass full of serendipity.

Sensation Films got into fulltime video services when a few passionatefilm-makers who have a good experience in the tv Industry decided to go about making something that is not from the books.Our moto is to reach the masses and enable every business without marketing being a burden to them.Our pricing along with quality cannot be matched by our competition and our work speaks out loud.

We wont eat your brains once we start our post production work, we are cool guys :D.

Sensation Films : It is all about you

We believe in making sure that every one of you are happy with our services and come back again.We believe that our work should help you to reach your goals and bring your ideas to life no matter who you are.

We Reached Here

We started off with a few Real Estate videos which then branched out to weddings and corporate videos.Also getting into feature films with rentals and packaging for marketing, branding/post production work.In a very small amount of time we climbed up the ladder to work for many corporate clients who believed in our work than experience and we feel we are blessed to be among such awesome people

Our Culture

At Sensation Films it s has been always about keeping the doors open.We believe that everyone should be able to get the best services,encourage everyone involved to walk right into our office and discuss their ideas on the project. We believe in team building and Quality of service.

Our Method

We have a systematic workflow,from pitching for the project till the delivery. One thing we always look out for are quality projects because once we take your project we work only on that untill it s delivered before moving on to the next one. Customer will be briefed on the project every end of the day

We dont work on the last weeks of the month untill there s a critical project, because all work no fun is pain in the dash, WE PARTY

Our Expertise

Candid weddings or Corporate Video presentations we like to give the best to our clients and make it a memorable one.We have many happy clients who come back to us believing in our quality Be the judge

Photography has been something that we need professionals for. Quality content can brand our business for positive results Candid photography is the new rage. Bringing the best technicians for the biggest days of your life is not a dream anymore. Have a look

No matter what business you are in, you must have the right targeted marketing in place. We work to provide the marketing advantages at ground level so that you reach the right customers.Our tools will give you all the insights on the product and the best practices Capture the market

All business no fun is not a good thing to go with.So we have a good culture that drives our business where artists get to showcase thier talent For writers our blogs so that they can follow their passion. other who want to be part of films we have our own youtube show that gives you the edge to be the next big thing

Our Alien Skills


Meet Our Team

Prajwal Rai


Passionate about film-making and believes in bringing new ideas to life.

Thousif Sait


When it is time to make your style statement man from Lakme FW will be there for you.



Bollywoods own cinematographer to your rescue, Beauty in 24 frames per second



Every project he works on he wants it to be the best in terms of the output.

Sagarika B

Art Director

Art is the heart of any production and we have one too

Shaswath Sanil

Project Head

Understands the situations and comes out with the best solutions to take the project to completion



Some things stay with us for a lifetime and so fill your frame with perfection.