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Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes we all have questions no matter how many hours discussions we do and it is always better to understand the people you are working with before making a decision.It will be good for both to go ahead and come out with something When the understanding is better. Here are some questions which we get asked

We wouldnt be the best people to rate ourselves because we let our work speak for itself.Our clients have always believed in us as we work hard to make sure their idea becomes a reality and comes out with flying colors

When choosing us we want to know what we stand for.We did not start Sensation Films on the hunt for money. It was a decision that came out of our passion to do something that we want to be proud of. We are a group of passionate film-makers and we believe that everyone should be able to get their brand online and should be afordable than what is the reality. So we took the step togather to do that and will continue doing that.Filmmaking is what we can talk hours about

One of the main problems clients had was when they had to get into marketing their product, branding,promotions they had to look around and move from one team to another and we did not like. We wanted to solve this problem and we collaborated with multiple agencies so that you can get everything at one place.

Alien Features

We believe in learning everyday and we do We believe in bringing new technologies to the forefront to enhance the quality of work I guess. So sometimes we definately will give you some wierd ideas too, totally messed up ones.Too much boring seriosuness will get nowhere as you also know. So weirdness is part and parcel of every fun workplace

Human Features

we are just a bunch of people who believe in giving our best shot no matter who the client is.It is as simple as that, we dont like to use more complicated words :)

Yes, we do party. We are not this serious .

Hmmm interesting and a very valid question you know. Actually that is a decision you should make based on the samples work we provide you.We do have a good edge over others. And would definately love to be part of the biggest day of your life but it is your choice at the end of the day.

  • Cinematographers from feature films will be there
  • Make up Artists from Lakme will make sure you are perfect
  • Top Editors will give the final touch to make it awesome
  • You are all set to watch that magic come to life from the best.

Another important question which must be asked and understood. We have fixed prices under 4 categories and BBP is something you can always opt for. We understand when you come to us you have that fear on what might we quote.So we turned it around and made it easier, now you can quote too :)

Please dont hold back when you want to call, dont worry about the budget.If we are free you might get lucky. As we told earlier it is not always about the money.

  • Pricing on Renting and Buying
  • quality products
  • we do pick and drops

If you get a better price outside it is always better to go for it. We are just trying to make it easier to get all in one place :).Do check out when the shop is up and running you might like it

If you are or you want to get into the field of Film-making signing up will be the best decision you will take. We will never charge you for that as we know how much you have gone through. Just sign up and we will make sure your talent get s platform to get noticed. You will get more details as we open up the process.

  • A talent showcase
  • meet the right people
  • Be part of some awesome Film, Ad, tv projects

Absolutely not, we hate that ourselves. If you really want to get the latest notifications you can always subscribe to us.Sometimes it helps we will make sure we wont spam you.

nooo absolutely not. we too wanted to hire someone to write on but you know payment was a problem. So just call us,it is much better

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